ITE News (già ITE Fax), bollettino bimestrale (in francese, tedesco, italiano e spagnolo) dell'Initiative Transport Europe

T&E Bulletin, mensile (in inglese)

Alpinscena (ex CIPRA Info), rivista della CIPRA (Commissione Internazionale per la Protezione delle Alpi) - abbonamento gratuito. Nelle seguenti lingue: tedesco, francese, italiano e sloveno.

Notiziario dell'Osservatorio Parchi di Legambiente Lombardia

InfoITE Mont-Blanc-Maurienne, bollettino informativo in lingua francese redatto da Anne Lassman-Trappier (dell'ITE e del CPVH), contiene notizie aggiornate su iniziative, manifestazioni e dibattiti sul tema dei trasporti (in)sostenibili attraverso le Alpi e la Francia.


360. revista de altavelocidad pretende servir de foro de discusión serena y plural, a la vez que profundiza en todos los temas relacionados con la alta velocidad ferroviaria: planificación, efectos económicos y sociales, explotación, tecnología, etc. En español, inglés o portugués (Vía Libre - Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles).

ACCESS. Published twice yearly, ACCESS is the official magazine of the University of California Transportation Center. La versione elettronica è disponibile online, la versione cartacea viene inviata su richiesta.

Active Travel Studies. Open Access journal. V. 1 (2021) - Active Travel Studies is a new, peer-reviewed, open-access journal intended to provide a source of authoritative research on walking, cycling and other forms of active travel. In the context of a climate emergency, widespread health problems associated with inactivity, and poor air quality caused in large part by fossil-fuel transport, the journal is relevant and timely. It will perform the critical function of providing practitioners and policy makers with access to current and robust findings on all subjects relevant to active travel.

The Air Quality, Atmosphere, and Health. Springer, v. 1 (2008-); contains Opena Access articles. Air Quality, Atmosphere, and Health is a multidisciplinary journal which, by its very name, illustrates the broad range of work it publishes and which focuses on atmospheric consequences of human activities and their implications for human and ecological health.

The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics. Open Access journal.

Asian Transport Studies is an international journal published under the supervision of the Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies (EASTS), Tokyo (Japan). Full-text free electronic edition.

Carfree Times. A newsletter for those interested in carfree cities. Published on-line four or more times a year. (free subscription)

CityRide, le 1er magazine du vélo urbain.

EcoMobile, rivista internazionale della tecnologia innovativa per la mobilità (rivista specializzata della motoristica relativa ai veicoli alimentati a GPL e metano) - testi in italiano e inglese, versione su carta e online.

Environmental Health (Open Access journal).

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news published by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. (versione online gratuita)

Ministerio de Fomento, Estudios de Construcción y Transportes ( Madrid). Revista de periodicidad semestral que presenta artículos, informes y documentos de actualidad sobre la construcción y distintos aspectos del transporte; además de sus secciones fijas: panorama internacional, bibliografía, cursos y seminarios.

European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, Technische Universiteit Delft

European Transport / Trasporti Europei (International Journal of Transport Economics, Engineering and Law / Rivista internazionale di Economia, Ingegneria e Diritto dei Trasporti) is edited by ISTIEE and AIIT and published by Giordano Editore. Starting from the year 2012 European Transport / Trasporti Europei is an open-access Journal.

European Transport Research Review, an Open Access journal (Springer). V.1(2009-). ETRR is a transnational open access journal in transportation Interdisciplinary scope including technology, economics, environment, cognition, and medicine.

Frontiers in Built Environment, (Section: Transportation and Transit Systems). Open Access.

Highways Magazine (online edition). Published since 1934, Highways magazine is the UK's only magazine dedicated to the UK highway maintenance and traffic related industries.

Ingeniería y territorio. Revista del Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. Versione elettronica della rivista, tratta frequentemente temi legati ai trasporti, tra cui il trasporto metropolitano e regionale su rotaia.

International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences: IATSS Research. Published twice a year in English, is is a comprehensive international academic journal for transport and transport-related safety issues. Until 2009, IATSS Research is free online on the IATSS site. Since 2010, IATSS Research is an Open Access journal on the Elsevier Science Direct platform.

IJTTE, International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering published since 2011 (Belgrade, Serbia).

International Journal of Aviation, Aeronautics, and Aerospace (IJAAA).

International Journal of Driving Science, Driver-Vehicle Systems in Advanced Environments (IJDS), HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem. IJDS focuses on the interface between intelligent and connected mobility and driver behavior and performance, aiming at efficient, safe, and clean transport of people and goods. The journal is published online as a continuous volume and issue throughout the year. Open Access.

IJSTT, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation Technology, (2018- ). Open Access. The International Journal of Sustainable Transportation Technology is a journal managed by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation Technology (NCSTT, Indonesia). IJSTT is an innovative open access journal for high-quality research in transportation and infrastructure system by focusing particularly on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.

IJTST, International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology, Tongji University and Tongji University Press (2016- ). Open Access.

International Journal of Transport Development and Integration, WIT Press. (2016- ). The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration covers all transportation modes and the general topic of transport systems, with particular emphasis on their integration and harmonisation.

IJT, International Journal of Transportation (started 2013; published 3 times per year: April, August, December).

JRTR Japan Railway & Transport Review is an English-language transport magazine published quarterly by East Japan Railway Culture Foundation.

Journal of Choice Modelling is an open access peer reviewed journal that publishes theoretical and applied papers in the field of choice modelling.

Journal of Civil, Structural and Transportation Engineering (JCSTE). Open Access journal.

Journal of International Logistics and Trade (JLT) is an official journal published biannually by Jungseok Research Institute of International Logistics and Trade (Incheon, Korea).

Journal of KONES powertrain and transport (European Science Society of Powertrain and Transport), Warsaw (Poland). "Devoted to the latest achievements in research, development and design of both compression-ignition and spark-ignition as well as other combustion engines (hybrids) with special attention to ecology, combustion processes, mixture preparation, exhaust aftertreatment, electronic control, diagnostic and maintenance, durability and reliability, new materials, engine parts, fuel and lubricants, other alternative fuels (including hydrogen), fuel cells and converters, electric drive standards, noise and vibration, diagnostics (OBD), catalysis, catalyst systems."

Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment (bimonthly)

Journal of Maritime Research, Spanish Society of Maritime Research (SEECMAR). JMR publishes original research papers in English analysing the maritime sector international, national, regional or local.

Journal of Mechanical Systems for Transportation and Logistics, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (free online).

Journal of Modern Mobility Systems, Mason Publishing (George Mason University). V. 1 (2020) -

Journal of Modern Transportation (JMT) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand. It provides a platform for scholars to publish their works in the general area of transportation, concerned with analysis, planning, design, operations, technologies, and economics of modern transportation and traffic systems with focus on high-speed railway technological and theoretical achievements across the world, especially in China.

Journal of Public Transportation, The National Center for Transit Research, Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida, Tampa (USA) (full-text free from Vol. 5, 2002).

Journal of Shipping and Trade (JST), (Springer Open), V. 1 (2016) - . Open Access.

Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Tokyo (Japan). Full-text free electronic edition.

Journal of Transport and Land Use  (free, open-access, peer-reviewed online journal), Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota (US)

Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management, The Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management at the University of Johannesburg.

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy  (full-text electronic edition, free from 1967 to 2006), University of Bath (UK)

Journal of Transport Information and Safety was founded in 1983. It is a bimonthly technical journal (which) publishes in China and abroad. Taking transport system as main subject, it focuses on two areas of information technologies and safety of transportation, reports innovative studies and engineering applications of theories and outstanding achievements in the field of transportation as well as interdisciplinary studies. [Text in Chinese, Abstract in English].

Journal of Transportation and Statistics (electronic edition, free): a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) ("Journal of Transportation and Statistics has been discontinued by BTS because of budget constraints. Papers are therefore no longer being accepted or considered for publication. BTS hopes to bring the Journal back as a virtual publication in the future, and will post any news about the status of JTS on this page.")

Journal of Transportation Technologies. Open Access journal.

JTLE Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering. (Open Access journal).

Kineo. Trimestrale di architettura dei trasporti. Interessante rivista pubblicata dal 1993 al 2000, è disponibile l'archivio degli articoli online.

(Journal of) Logistics & Sustainable Transport (JLST) publishes informative and analytical international scientific and professional articles in the field of logistics and sustainable transport (European Association for Traffic, Transport and Business Logistics).

KMI International Journal of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Korea Maritime Institute.

LogForum (Scientific Journal of Logistics) is a new electronic scientific journal created to be a global forum for an exchange of scientific achivements and implementations in the field of logistics, management and marketing. The journal is founded by the Poznan School of Logistics (Poland). 

Logistics and Transport, scientific journal. The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław (Poland). The contents of this journal will be available in an open access format 12 month(s) after an issue is published.

Mobility (the online edition of Mobility Magazine). MOBILITY is a southern African publication for policy- and decision-makers in all spheres of government, planners and engineers, and transport users.

Modern Traffic and Transportation Engineering Research (MTTER) is an international, peer-reviewed and free-access journal.

The Open Transportation Journal (open-access, online peer-reviewed journal). Bentham Science Publishers.

Places an interdisciplinary journal of contemporary architecture, landscape and urbanism, with particular emphasis on the public realm as physical place and social ideal. In 2009 Places published its last print issue and moved online as an open-access journal in partnership with the Design Observer Group. In this new format, Places publishes peer-reviewed scholarship as well as topical commentary, observations, reviews and visual portfolios, with two new articles every week. The entire print archive is also available in pdf format.

Pomorstvo (Journal of Maritime Studies). Publisher: University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies (Croatia).

Problemy Transportu = Transport Problems, International Scientific Journal, The Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Transport, Katowice, Poland.

PROMET Traffic&Transportation, scientific journal on traffic and transportation research. Publishes scientific articles in the area of technical sciences, field of transport and traffic technology. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (Croatia).

Public Roads is the bimonthly magazine of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) (USA).

Railwatch. Quarterly magazine of Railfuture , which campaigns for more investment and a greater use of Britain's railways.

The Railway Herald, interessante rivista settimanale online gratuita in formato PDF (in inglese) "dedicated to the railway enthusiast". Contiene notizie, foto, orari sulle ferrovie delle isole britanniche (Gran Bretagna e Irlanda).

the Railway Journal, rivista elettronica gratuita (in inglese) pubblicata dalla società ferroviaria rumena CFR

Railway transport and logistics / Železničná doprava a logistika Scientific and technical on-line journal about railway transport, traffic, logistics and management. Published by: Department of Railway Transport, The Faculty of Operation and Economics Transport and Communications, University of Žilina (Slovakia)

Recherche Transports Sécurité. RTS - Recherche Transports Sécurité est une revue scientifique internationale et interdisciplinaire, publiée par l'Université Gustave Eiffel - Ifsttar (Institut français des sciences et technologies des transports, de l'aménagement et des réseaux). Depuis le 1 janvier 2018, la revue RTS est diffusée exclusivement en numérique et en Open Access sur l'archive ouverte HAL. Retrouvez au sein de la collection HAL Recherche Transports Sécurité, l'intégralité des articles publiés par RTS depuis 2013.

Regionale Schienen, die Salzburger Fachzeitschrift für Personen- und Güterverkehr (Austria). Seit 2016 Forum Mobil, Plattform und Fachzeitschrift für Mobilität, welche 4x jährlich erscheint. Zusätzlich erscheint jährlich zu den Salzburger Verkehrstagen ein Sonderband.

RELIT Revista de Literatura dos Transportes, rivista elettronica gratuita (in portoghese) pubblicata dalla SBPT, Sociedade Brasileira de Planejamento dos Transportes

Rivista di Economia e Politica dei Trasporti (REPT), rivista online ad accesso aperto (in italiano) pubblicata dalla SIET, Società Italiana degli Economisti dei Trasporti e della Logistica

the Review of Network Economics si occupa di competizione, efficienza e regolazione nei trasporti (sul vol.3, n.4, December 2004, articoli su Road Pricing e Congestion Charging)

Review of Maritime Transport, UNCTAD (annual review).

Revista Transporte y Territorio, rivista elettronica peer reviewed gratuita (in spagnolo) pubblicata dall'Instituto de Geografía, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Safety is a cross-disciplinary, scholarly, open access journal of industrial and human health safety. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications and short notes. (MDPI) Vol. 1 (2015)-

Scottish Transport Review is a quarterly publication that includes articles on the most important topics relating to Scottish Transport along with news, research details and statistics. (Scottish Transport Studies Group, Edinburgh).

SEA and Transport Planning Newsletter, rivista online gratuita (in inglese - registrazione obbligatoria) dedicata in particolare alla Valutazione d'Impatto Ambientale Strategica (VAS, SEA in inglese)

Smart and Resilient Transportation (Emerald Publishing) vol. 1 (2019)-, is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing research covering all aspects of smart and resilient transportation system technologies (SRTs), in association with Dr. Yong QIN and the State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control and Safety based at Beijing Jiaotong University.

Sistemi di Logistica, Trimestrale on line di economia e logistica dei trasporti (Giordano Editore, Napoli).

TeMA (Territorio Mobilita' Ambiente) e' il bollettino Trimestrale del Laboratorio Territorio Mobilita'Ambiente del Dipartimento di Pianificazione e Scienza del Territorio dell'Universita` "Federico II" di Napoli (rivista elettronica open access).

Tijdschift Vervoerswetenschap. Platform voor onderzoek naar logistiek en mobiliteit in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Het Tijdschift Vervoerswetenschap is een kwartaaluitgave van de Stichting Vervoerswetenschap. [Rivista "Scienza dei trasporti". Trimestrale pubblicato dalla fondazione "Scienza dei trasporti", in lingua olandese].

TOLLROADnews notizie online su strade a pagamento, tunnel a pagamento, road pricing

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives (TRIP) (Elsevier) (v.1, 2019-) is an open access journal. It is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with any and all social science aspects of transportation.

Transactions on Transport Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal which focuses on the field of behavioural and social sciences in mobility, traffic safety, and sustainable transport, including engineering, economic, and environmental issues. Publisher: Palacký University in Olomouc. Open Access. v.1 (2008)-

TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation is addressed to scientists and professionals in order to share their experience, expert knowledge and research results, concerning all aspects of navigation and sea transportation. The Journal is published four times a year and contains original papers contributing to the science of broadly defined navigation. Published by TransNav, Faculty of Navigation, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland.

Transport, Research Journal of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

Transport and Telecommunication Journal is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal, owned by Transport and Telecommunication Institute and has more 10 years of experience. This Journal is a source of information and research results in the full scope of transport science: modelling and planning the transport systems, technical means of transport; transport infrastructure, traffic control, intellectual transport system, telematic and also concerns the interdisciplinary questions: transport and the environment, safety in transport, quality and effectiveness of transport, interoperability and intermodality. Publisher: de Gruyter.

Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives (TRIP) (Elsevier) (v.1, 2019-) is an open access journal. It is an interdisciplinary journal concerned with any and all social science aspects of transportation.

Transportation Research Procedia (Elsevier) is an open access product focusing entirely on publishing full sets of conference proceedings.

Transportation Safety and Environment is an open access, online only journal publishing cutting-edge and innovative research on various transportation systems and their operating environments. (Oxford Academic) V. 1 (2019)-

Urban, Planning and Transport Research (Routledge/Taylor & Francis). (v.1, 2013-). An open access journal.

Urban Rail Transit (Springer) is a peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary and open-access journal published under the SpringerOpen brand that provides a platform for scientists, researchers and engineers of urban rail transit to publish their original, significant articles on topics in urban rail transportation operation and management, design and planning, civil engineering, equipment and systems and other related topics to urban rail transit. It is to promote the academic discussions and technical exchanges among peers in the field. The journal also reports important news on the development and operating experience of urban rail transit and related government policies, laws, guidelines, and regulations.

Vehicles is a peer-reviewed open access journal of transportation science and engineering published quarterly online by MDPI. Vol.1 (2019)-

WebStrade , rivista elettronica di cultura del progetto, Urbanistica, Trasporti, Ambiente

World Electric Vehicle Journal, Open Access Journal. It is the first peer-reviewed international scientific journal that covers all studies related to battery, hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles comprehensively. It is the official journal of The World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and its member the European Association for e-Mobility (AVERE), the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), and the Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific (EVAAP). It is published quarterly online by MDPI from Volume 9, Issue 1 (2018).

World Transport Policy & Practice is a quarterly journal which provides a high quality medium for original and creative work in world transport.

YBL Journal of Built Environment is an international scientific journal published by the Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Budapest. It aims to become a multidisciplinary forum for the presentation of original contributions, reviews and short communications in the broad field of theoretical, experimental, numerical and practical aspects of architecture, civil engineering, emergency management, fire safety and construction management. Open Access journal. Publisher: de Gruyter.

Železničná doprava a logistika vedi: Railway transport and logistics. Elektronický časopis. Vydáva: Katedra železničnej dopravy, Fakulty prevádzky a ekonomiky dopravy a spojov, Žilinskej univerzity v Žiline (Slovakia).


Accident Analysis & Prevention (Elsevier).

Air Quality and Climate Change, quarterly journal of CASANZ (Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand). V. 1 (1966)-

Analytic Methods in Accident Research (Elsevier). V.1 (2014)-

Atmospheric Environment (Elsevier).

ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (Springer). V.100 (1998)-

Case Studies on Transport Policy (Elsevier). V.1 (2013)-

CityRailways, Metro, tram & light rail magazine. Nuova rivista su metropolitane e tranvie (trasporto pubblico su rotaia) di tutto il mondo. Versione online o stampata a pagamento, il numero zero è gratuito (registrazione gratuita).

Data Science for Transportation (published by Springer). V.1 (2019)- Publishes high-quality original research and reviews in a wide range of topics related to Data Science in Transportation. This includes classical approaches when data sources are used to unravel underlying physical mechanisms leading to general laws and new modelling frameworks. It also includes new data-driven approaches when AI plays a central role.

eTransportation focuses on advancing knowledge in all modes of transportation which use electricity as a main source of energy, including electric vehicles, electric trains, electric ships and electrical aircrafts. The journal covers all stages of research, development and testing of new technologies, systems and devices within the field of application of electrical transportation. (Elsevier). V.1 (2019)-

Economics of Transportation, the official journal of the International Transportation Economics Association (published by Elsevier). V.1 (2012)-

Environmental Impact Assessment Review (Elsevier).

Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) (American Chemical Society).

Epidemiologia & Prevenzione, bimestrale. Rivista dell'Associazione italiana di epidemiologia.

European Railway Review, The leading quarterly magazine for the European railway industry (alcuni articoli sono disponibili gratuitamente online, necessaria registrazione gratuita)

Flux, Cahiers scientifiques internationaux Réseaux et territoires / International Scientific Quarterly on Networks and Territories. Revue publiée avec le concours du CNRS, de l'ENPC et de l'Institut de la Gestion Déléguée.

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE). V.1(2000-).

IET Intelligent Transport Systems is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to research into the practical applications of intelligent transport systems and infrastructures, published by IET (the Institution of Engineering and Technology). Some papers are freely available online.

Ingegneria Ferroviaria, rivista mensile di tecnica ed economia dei trasporti, organo del CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani) (in italiano/inglese)(Italian and English)

International Journal of Automotive Technology (Springer). V.9(2008-).

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (Inderscience). V.1(2001-).

International Journal of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (Inderscience). V.1(2007-).

the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (Springer).

the International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research (Springer). Online journal. V.1 (2010)-

International Journal of Logistics: Research & Applications (Taylor & Francis).

the International Journal of Logistics Management (Emerald). V.1 (1990)-

International Journal of Rail Transportation (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2013)-

International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2007)-

International Journal of Tourism Research (Wiley). V.1 (1999)-

International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems (Inderscience). V.1(2002-).

Internationales Verkehrswesen Importante mensile sui trasporti in lingua tedesca, organo della "Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V." "Internationales Verkehrswesen ist eine der führenden europäischen Verkehrs-Fachzeitschriften für Wissenschaft und Praxis". Accesso gratuito agli articoli dell'archivio (esclusi i fascicoli più recenti).

Journal of Air Transport Management (Elsevier). V.1 (1994)-

Journal of Infrastructure Systems (ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers). V.1 (1995)-

Journal of Modern Transportation, formerly Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University (English Edition) founded in 1993. JMT presents readers the latest, original, peer-reviewed papers of high creativity, ranging from original articles, reviews, case reports, short communications to scientific letters on analysis, planning, design, technology, economics and operations of transportation and traffic systems.

Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management, affiliated with the International Association of Railway Operations Research (published by Elsevier).

Journal of Safety Research (Elsevier).

The Journal of Sustainable Mobility (JSM) is a peer-reviewed journal that provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of innovative and empirically sound research on sustainable transportation (Greenleaf Publishing).

Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Taylor & Francis).

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2003)-

Journal of Transport & Health. It is devoted to research on the many interactions between transport and health (Elsevier).

Journal of Transport Geography (Elsevier).

Journal of Transport History (Manchester University Press).

Journal of Transportation Engineering (ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers).

Journal of Transportation Safety & Security (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2009)-

Journal of Transportation Security (Springer). V.1 (2008)-

Journal of Travel Research (Sage). V.7 (1968)-

Journal of Urban Planning and Development (ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers).

Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering (ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers).

Maritime Economics & Logistics (Palgrave Macmillan).

Maritime Policy & Management (Taylor & Francis).

Mobilities (Taylor & Francis).

Modern Railways, rivista mensile inglese sulla rete ferroviaria UK e la sua gestione (in inglese). "Published for over 45 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as an established and highly respected railway journal. It is essential reading for professionals in the railway industry as well as individuals with a general interest in the state and developments of the British railway network."

Public Transport. Planning and Operations (Springer). V.1 (2009)-

Public Transport International magazine (accesso gratuito ad alcuni articoli)

Le Rail (accesso gratuito ad alcuni articoli)

Railway Gazette International. "The leading journal for the world railway industry, read in over 140 countries. Definitive features on technical developments and professional coverage of regulatory and commercial issues."

Research in Transportation Business & Management (Elsevier).

Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier).

le Strade, mensile specializzato per il trasporto pubblico locale su strada e su rotaia (in italiano)

Stadtverkehr, mensile specializzato per il trasporto pubblico locale su strada e su rotaia (in tedesco)

la Tecnica Professionalerivista mensile edita dal CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani) (in italiano)

Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie (Journal of Economic & Social Geography) (Wiley).

Tourism Management (Elsevier). V.3 (1982)-

Traffic Injury Prevention, the official journal of the AAAM, the ICADTS, the IRCOBI and the ITMA (published by Taylor & Francis).

Tramways & Urban Transit, mensile della LRTA (Light Rail Transit Association) dedicato al trasporto urbano su ferro (in inglese)

Transport Policy (Elsevier).

Transport Reviews (Taylor & Francis).

Transportation (Springer).

Transportation Journal (Penn State University Press).

Transportation Letters (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2009)-

Transportation Planning and Technology (Taylor & Francis).

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (Elsevier).

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological (Elsevier). V.13 (1979)-

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (Elsevier). V.1 (1993)-

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (Elsevier).

Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review (Elsevier). V.33 (1997)-

Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour (Elsevier).

Transportmetrica A: Transport Science (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2005)-

Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics (Taylor & Francis). V.1 (2013)-

Transports Urbains, Revue trimestrielle d'information et de documentation publiée par le Groupement pour l'Étude des Transports Urbains Modernes (GÉTUM), (France).

TST (Transportes, Servicios y Telecomunicaciones - Revista de Historia) es una revista académica dedicada a la publicación de trabajos de investigación sobre la historia de los transportes, los servicios y las telecomunicaciones. Su primer número apareció en el año 2001 y tiene una periodicidad semestral, (junio y diciembre). Published by Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles.

Trasporti & Cultura rivista quadrimestrale di taglio interdisciplinare che tratta delle infrastrutture di trasporto come progetto di architettura nel paesaggio (in italiano). Organizza convegni e corsi e attribuisce un premio annuale per opere di saggistica. Fino al n. 29/30 la rivista è stata pubblicata a stampa. A partire dal n. 31 viene pubblicata integralmente on-line.

Travel Behaviour and Society. An official journal of the Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS).

la Vie du Rail, riviste del gruppo: la Vie du Rail, Solutions Transports (in francese), Rail & Transport International (in inglese)

Ville et Transports Magazine , rivista del gruppo la Vie du Rail, quindicinale, dedicata alla mobilità urbana (in francese; l’edizione inglese è mensile, col titolo Rail & Public Transport)

Wege und Geschichte/Les chemins et l’histoire/Strade e storia, semestrale di ViaStoria (Zentrum für Verkehrsgeschichte/Center of Transport History/Centro per la storia del traffico), Bern (CH)

WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, the international journal for professionals in maritime administration, industry and education (Springer).


ASSTRA Newsletter, newsletter sui temi del trasporto pubblico, viene inviata gratuitamente per email agli utenti registrati

Boletín de Documentación Ferroviaria, Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles, Madrid. (bollettino bibliografico bimestrale online).

Dirección General de Medio Natural y Política Forestal, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino, Bulletin "Habitat Fragmentation Due Transportation Infrastucture" (e-bulletin)

Car Busters magazine, rivista del movimento Car Busters, per una critica della cultura dell’auto e per una mobilità senz’auto

Cosmobilities Newsletter, is published 4 times a year (bollettino gratuito in inglese). "This newsletter is produced by the Cosmobilities Network. The Cosmobilities Network connects European scientists working in the field of mobility research."

Euromobility Journal, bollettino gratuito (in italiano) dell'Associazione Mobility Manager.

Fussverkehr, bollettino trimestrale dell'associazione svizzera dei pedoni "Fussverkehr Schweiz" (in tedesco)

ITS Review Online, research from: Institute of Transportation Studies - ITS Berkeley, ITS Davis, ITS Irvine, ITS Los Angeles. ITS Review is published two times a year.

ITS California Newsletter is published monthly as a service of the Intelligent Transportation Society of California.

la Lettre du CNT, Conseil National des Transports (F) (in francese)

Journal of Security & Intermodal Transport, mensile online in italiano e inglese, Genova (presso Council of Intermodal Shipping Consultants (C.I.S.Co.)

NewsBITS, the magazine of the Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, is published four times a year.

Newsletter Ricerche Trasporti.bollettino gratuito (occorre registrarsi)

Nordic Road and Transport Research, rivista gratuita (Svezia, Danimarca, Finlandia, Norvegia) dedicato alla ricerca nel campo della sicurezza e della tecnica stradale

the Road Ahead, the WHO newsletter on road safety

Sécurité Routière, rivista sulla sicurezza stradale (anche online) pubblicata dal governo francese.

Transflash, lettre d'informations mensuelle gratuite du Certu : Bulletin d’information des déplacements urbains départementaux et régionaux.

umverkehRen, das Magazin für nachhaltige Mobilität. umverkehRen ist das Mitteilungsorgan des Vereins umverkehR (Zürich, CH)

velojournal, Magazin für Alltag und Freizeit. Vivace rivista bimestrale svizzera (anche online) per la promozione della bici in città e per il tempo libero. Contiene notizie, consigli, annunci e resoconti di viaggi in bici (in tedesco).

Vélo & Territoires, la revue de l'ADC - Association des Départements Cyclables. Rivista trimestrale francese (anche online) per la promozione della mobilità ciclabile, inviata ad amministratori, tecnici e politici dei dipartimenti e delle regioni.

Ville-à-Vélo, la revue du GRACQ (Groupe de Recherche et d'Action des Cyclistes Quotidiens). Rivista bimestrale in francese (anche online) dell'associazione di ciclisti belgi (Bruxelles e Vallonia).


ECHO/ECO, la rivista dell'Iniziativa delle Alpi (in inglese, tedesco, francese, italiano)

Alpinscena (ex CIPRA Info), bollettino trimestrale in quattro lingue (tedesco, francese, italiano e sloveno)

AlpMedia, newsletter mensile (in inglese, tedesco, francese, italiano e sloveno