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State DOT Search Engine (Google Custom Search, created by WSDOT Library) "Search the websites of the Departments of Transportation from the fifty United States and the District of Columbia."

Public Transit Agencies (Google Custom Search, created by Matthew Barrett, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Library & Archives) "Meta search across all major transit agency and transit related organization websites for fares, routes, data, reports, research, press releases, budgets, policies, programs, and other transit industry information."


CYCLING-AND-SOCIETY List (in lingua inglese)

Sustran-discuss is a discussion forum devoted to people-centred, equitable and sustainable transport with a focus on developing countries (the 'Global South'). Sustran-discuss began in 1997 with a focus on Asia but has now become the main English-language discussion forum on urban transport issues in developing countries (in lingua inglese).

Transrech, Laboratoire d’Economie des Transports, Lyon (in lingua francese)

Transenviro, A Moderated Electronic Discussion Group for Environmental Issues in Transportation, CTE (in lingua inglese)

UTSG, Universities Transport Study Group, University of Leeds (in lingua inglese)

Villes et Ports – Cities and Ports, lista dell’Association Internationale Villes et Ports - AIVP (in francese, inglese, spagnolo)

TRANLIB Discussion list for transportation information professionals (Transportation Division of the Special Libraries Association)


Ferrovie, Metropolitane e Trasporti Urbani (Forum su SkyscraperCity) (in italiano)

Mondo Tram Forum. Discussioni sui trasporti tranviari in Italia e nel mondo. (in italiano) Comunità OnLine per la promozione della Cultura Ferroviaria e del Trasporto Pubblico (in italiano)

Trasporti urbani in Italia (Forum Trasporti a Milano) (in italiano)

Trasporto ferroviario (Forum Trasporti a Milano) (in italiano)

Forum ilmondodeitreni (in italiano)

Forum di Ferrovie On Line (in italiano)

Trenomio (con Forum). Sito a disposizione di tutti i Macchinisti e Capotreno. (in italiano)

Fòrum del Transport Català (in catalano e spagnolo) (in francese)

Lineoz - (Forum) Transport & Mobilité urbaine. [contiene:] Forum Transport Urbain, Forum Transport Interurbain, Forum Transport Ferroviaire, Forum Mobilité Alternative, Forum Transport par Câble. (in francese) (in tedesco)